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When choosing a house and lot for sale, you should also consider the features, including the facilities and amenities, which will promote your quality of life and make living more enjoyable at the Camella Dasma.  Check out the following to know more about the relaxation and recreation features of the community.

One of the most famous features of the residences is the clubhouse, a social and interactive feature that the developer did not forget in the master planning of the residential community.  It is a venue where the residents can gather and hold special events and occasions. The large clubhouse also features sports facilities that can deliver fun right at your doorstep. It features some brick-layered pathways and garden trails.

There is also a fitness gym where the residents can experience the convenience of working out during their desired time without having to travel to nearby gyms or pay for hefty memberships.

In addition, there is a swimming pool that can add to the relaxation and enjoyment of the residents living in the community.   With it, families and their guests do not have to travel far, spend on gas and take the time to travel to nearby resorts and beaches.

Another feature includes a basketball court, which can keep the residents fit and healthy. It will also help in developing relationships with the community members.

The community also has its playground, where your children can play and interact with other kids in the residences. It will help in improving their communication skills and self-confidence.

There is also a gazebo, a function hall and a fitness park at the Camella Dasma. All these features and more make the township project an ideal place for the whole family.

  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground's for Kids
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